Captain Celia Dodge

Captain Celia Dodge, like many of the officers and crew of the original Moonhawk is a multi-talented individual who was forced to serve in multiple roles. Because the X-O (Executive Officer) role is a “Line” officer position, and the Chief Medical Officer is usually “Staff”, on-duty she is known by her rank (Captain) or title (X-O), or simply “Mister Dodge” by the enlisted personnel per Naval tradition. However, as soon as she enters Sickbay, she is “Doctor Dodge”. These complexities of title and rank came about in the 2650s because of the United Star Alliance’s decimated forces in the aftermath of the “A.I. Wars”, which are nearing conclusion at the outset of our tale.

Celia is of heavily mixed ancestry. She was able to trace her lineage to England, Spain, and even the Middle-East or North Africa. Her actual age at the outset of this story is vague and will probably be revealed as the story progresses. Thanks to Chotan genetic manipulation of the human genome, and rapidly advancing medical science, people have been living well into the triple digits since the 25th Century. At this point in history, human aging has slowed to a glacial pace between the ages of 25-30, so Celia (like her contemporaries) physically appears to be about 30-ish. Maybe upper 20s, tops.

For now, the most important detail of Captain/Doctor Dodge is that she is the sole survivor of a doomed mission that is shrouded in complete secrecy. Not even Commodore MacKenzie knows the details in spite of being part of the Admiralty. That aside, the crew of the new Flagship of the Star Alliance adores her because  she strikes the right balance of discipline and devil-may-care daring doo in the field. She is fiercely protective of the people under her command and this engenders a loyalty and admiration like no other. However, there is one notable exception in the crew who is suspicious of her origin and loyalties, and he suspects a dark secret that may endanger the Starship Moonhawk and its mission…

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Model base by: Oshigan

Character Design/Uniform: Michael C. Prokop (MacPaladin)