Watch this space for Tuesday, folks. the SDH storyline “Maveen” resumes the T-Th-Sat schedule until we complete it, then…. “Surrender”! That should keep us going until September when we relaunch the main Starship Moonhawk webcomic with a brand new tail… er, I mean, “tale” called “Made in the USA”. The simple fact of the matter is that “The Mercadian Affair” has had far too many logistical problems to stand as a introductory webcomic story for the readers of this series. And the biggest reason for that is that it is really the sixth part in a much larger story! So, I decided to start “fresh” and make a clean break between the “Origins” generation and the current one. So the opening story in that vein will make some references to the past, but is mostly moving forward with no specific requirement that folks know what came before to enjoy it.

So… what’s happening to “The Mercadian Affair”? It is not being lost. I decided that it will be a free e-novel available here on the site as soon as I can reformat it from script to an actual book. I figure with my additional narrative letting people know what’s going on, the confusion most folks felt reading the comic version will be removed for the most part. Plus, it should allow me to lend insights into the character’s thought processes that may have led readers astray in the past. Be looking for that before the end of the year. And if you feel that reading books online is too hard on the old peepers, know that I plan to offer the manuscript to my publisher for print and Kindle as soon as it can be made available. (although it may be 2013 before you all will see that… just FYI…)