While waiting for the updates I’ve been promising (small personal crisis?), check out the novels published in the series. hell, even my dad bought them, so they MUST be good, right?! We also have the first Act of “The Mercadian Affair” available on DriveThru comics! I’m working on Act II, but I have three pages I must color before I can feel completely legitimate about putting it up for sale. Odd, but interesting fact: I do not replace pages once posted unless I am rebooting the entire series. So if you want to see the updated, corrected and (finally) colored pages of the series, help us out! Buy our comics and see the (vastly) improved pages (in most cases XD)!

Secondly: if you do do not wish to patronize us on a recurring basis, I have the luxury of always having the PayPal donation “tip jar” on the opposite side. You really don’t get much by way of rewards there, but you can toss us a couple bucks to keep the series moving forward.

Patrons may notice I am actually courting a number of artists to take on the artist role in the series. In the past, I’ve worked with Nekoshiei, Marie Tary, Grace Allison and Diana Chen. Currently, I am seeking to work with Javier Bordon, Keith W. (also of Mysteries of the Arcana and The Lavenders fame), and I tried working with Neko-rulz, but… I’m not fully sure what happened there. If you continue to contribute there, you can help me hire some of these fine artists to continue the webcomic when I am unable. so please consider joining. I’ve posted a LOT of stuff over there.