As if the big movie announcement wasn’t great enough, we are here to tell you that BEFORE the launch of our Magnum Opus on the “Big Screen”, there will be an ultra-small screen release right here on the Official Website! That’s right, folks: “The Death of Perseus” will be a short film rather than an audiobook. Keith Wood and I are finishing the process off in Anime Studio and will have it out hopefully by Summer of this year. Here’s the synopsis:

“The Moonhawk receives what appears to be a distress call from a remote planet in an unstable star system. When they arrive, they discover that the planet is breaking apart and will destroy itself in a matter of hours. With no time to spare, Commodore Cobalt sends Sorthac and Lt. Commander Harrison with a small team in a shuttle to see if there is anyone to actually rescue. What they find on the surface is more than they bargained for: The Fezzini Federation has an outpost they are attempting to evacuate and our crew gets a fiery welcome that strands them on the planet. As the clock starts to run out, Sorthac and Harrison must engineer a daring escape while Cobalt and the Moonhawk try and figure out a way to assist them, lest they all become victims of ‘the Death of Perseus’.”

Set for Summer 2016 release.