This is a previously unseen piece done by EviktedRei, the artist I hired to do this story. She never actually completed it, and more than likely, if this ever went to print, I’d have her complete it or get a new one completely. But for the webcomic, the raw, unfinished picture kinda lends itself to the notion of Ael’s fractured state of mind at the outset of this story because of the trauma she endured in the war. I’d also imagine that you’re noticing all the credits involved with this particular short story. It’s based on an original short story by Kimberly Godwin, adapted by Kimberly Godwin and Michael C. Prokop to fit the Starship Moonhawk profile and colored by three different colorists. (however, the initial run on the web will have pages 4-19 in pure b/w to be colored at a later date by Jamie Jennings for print.)