At long last, the final chapter in this story is about to be told. That said, the series is not over by a longshot! I estimate this chapter will run about 30-40 pages, then we will FINALLY begin the “bridge” chapter that leads up into the “Cosmic Feline” animated series! However, the Webcomic WILL go on, and hopefully we can keep Tanabata Usagi as our artist for a long time to come. She was kinda thrown into the deep end of the pool here without much time to practice with sets and costumes that were long established in the series, and I’ve been feeding her new script pieces weekly. I’m hoping to fix all that starting with the new storyline by giving her better resources to work with, as well as time to look at and translate the script for questions with more time than a few hours to spare. That said, I think she has done an amazing job keeping up with me, which is the mark of a great artist. Props to her, Oshigan, and Verias for keeping the rudder intact on this ship, given the adverse conditions under which I’ve made them work.

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