Did Milea’s impassioned plea get through Gardu’s thick, furry skull? Tune in Monday to find out!

And yes, this does mean that Starship Moonhawk is back! Handerson Soares (the man we call Oshigan in certain other circles!) is back as penciller, and I am the inker. At some future juncture, when Keith’s hand and/or wrist are not broken, he will be back as colorist. I think this is a good lineup, and I have to say, I am very pleased with how things look. Yeeesssss, I forgot to put in Milea’s rank armbands. I’ll fix it later.


One other thing: we are reeeally LIGHT on the Patreon. We need $220/month to get these pages the way you all like them. We are at $93. I’ll keep making b/w comics at this level with Oshigan, but some serious talent is out of business until we rectify this. So, please consider donating. Episode 2 of the animated series is also underway, and it could benefit from some cayshola love, too.