I always hated how the original scene went and how much of a supreme douche Cobalt ended up being. But also, a lot of people complained about how quickly the duo brushed off the death of their son. Some people mourn for months or even years. I get that. But in the live-fast-and-die-beautiful world of the Space Forces, you don’t always have that luxury. And we are in a “time is running out!” scenario. Admiral Stocker recruited Admiral Cobalt to this clusterfuck with barely a week left to go before the conference, and they dicked around getting out there to the ass-end-of-nowhere. This means that at LEAST a couple weeks have passed since Kraz’s death. Nitria was informed immediately. And Cobalt had a significant moment of grief. But, by 30th Century standards, he’s still a young man of 90. So, he sometimes thinks with his dick first, and his heart and mind follow shortly after as evidenced on this page. He’s… catching up on a lot of ancient history as well, and frankly we don’t have time for a Tolstoy-esque caper of 1000+ pages. I’m starting to ramble. PATREON, YARR!