Scotty would have been proud of this fix.

Also, HOLY SHIT! IT’s only been like, SIX YEARS since I drew a new page of this, right??? I honestly wish I had something more monumental to say, but it’s been a ride. So, there’s actually 19 or so more brand-new pages of Act III coming your way, then we have a “fixed” Act IV. Those of you who followed me lo those many years ago may recall it. Solis and Company… well, I won’t spoil it. Some things are definitely different, and I will let the changes unfold organically.

Ideally, we will update Mondays. However, if you want to make sure I am on time, there’s a couple ways you can do this: #1) drop a few golden guineas in the Patreon box and #2) BUY MY BOOKS ON AMAZON! Did you know that Starship Moonhawk actually began more than 20 years ago in novel form? That’s right. I began writing short stories for this in the early 90’s, so Starship Moonhawk is ALMOST 25 years old this year! (although the common enemies and allies you know today are from a later draft circa 1994)

so, anyway, #1) Patreon (link below the comic blog) and #2) Amazon! (below the Patreon link! XD)

Man, it felt good to draw these characters again. Help me pay my bills so I don’t have a massive fucking panic attack, and you might just see the end of this sumbitch!