I’ve been pretty bad about updating, but there are some “valid” explanations. I won’t bore you with any of them, because there’s something to get excited about.

Back in 2008, I hired a mystery artist to work on Starship Moonhawk. At about the same time, I also hired another (then entirely unknown) artist, a college student trying to make her way into the comics industry. Her name is Grace Allison. And if you look back a couple pages, you’ll see the title card and credits you missed, as well as a cast roster for those unfamiliar with my 2003 novel: “The Admiral’s Daughter”. (It will be re-released in about 2013 or 2014. Depends on when I can get the revisions done.) So popular was that book as a download at StoneGarden.Net Publishing, where I have my print novels, I decided we needed to visit this crew again in graphic novel form. So that’s what this is. As it is part of the Starship Moonhawk continuum, but follows entirely different characters, I have decided to run this here, and then offer it up for print when it finally is completed. Since the original run was on a different domain and was practically ignored, I put it up in the “Extras” gallery, where it also languished. With that in mind, I have decided to run it again, daily, until EVERYONE is caught up with the first 23 pages, then I will run the remaining pages as RAPIDLY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE until it is done. Shouldn’t be TOO bad. It’s only 54 pages total.

Anyway, that’s what’s up. Sorry to leave the main series as a cliffhanger, but things must be done in order to move forward. Those of you already familiar with the original run, feel free to come back and relive things with us, or wait until May 1, when the first new page arrives on your screens. The choice is yours.

Thanks for reading and staying with us!