If you’ve browsed through the archives lately, you might have noticed a lot of ker-fuckery going on up in this piece. What you are bearing witness to is the final effort to restore some dignity and integrity to this here fine comic establishment. To wit, I have taken all of my “3.0” pages of “The Mercadian Affiar”, and combined them with all of the pages I commissioned between Marie Tary and Nekoshiei, and now I am a mere 55 or so pages from finishing the whole damn thing.

In the short term, this means we have a slightly bomb-blasted archive where various elements skip over one-another and as yet, there is no ending or Epilogue. But this will change soon, my friends. Ohhh, yes. My plan is to get those 55 pages done… nah. Why spoil the surprise. Just keep checking back.

Oh, and I almost forgot: the last two pages of Act V (you can find them under the tag “Act V”) are new, never-seen-before. So if you are wondering where the updates are, well…. you’re welcome. 😉