So, on the Moonhawk Studios Presents podcast, I have explained that going forward, Starship Moonhawk will be seeking funding in a multitude of ways. First, you may already know about: Patreon. Through the Patreon page, we have a limited cashflow which is intended to revive the comic and bring it back to the Net. That won’t change much, however, since the money is going to me anyway (Keith is now producer/director on the films and will not have time to work the comic), I will be re-directing it into the various movie and video projects we have coming up instead.

For the movie itself, we plan to use either Kickstarter or IndieGoGo to collect a fixed amount of money to make the film. (whichever service makes more sense.) So, I don’t want anyone feeling like we are planning to “double dip”. I made that mistake once before, and I won’t do it again. So, just to be clear: the Patreon’s primary function is to get the WEBCOMIC back in order (it’s governed under my PUBLISHING label), while the IGG/Kickstarter campaign is all about making the movie, 100%. (The movie will be made under my production company, as will all subsequent video projects.) To recap: the two funding engines will be focusing on different aspects of the operation here. Not to say there won’t be crossover on the rewards, but the INTENT is to cover two different projects with different methods. So I hope nobody is confused by this.

Lastly, I will be opening up shop on DriveThru Comics to sell some of the existing works of the series to try and drum up additional revenue. I haven’t forgotten about the digital/print editions of the new-and-improved “The Death of Perseus”, the basis for our first short film. That should be available via CreateSpace before you know it.

Anyway, that’s a more complete, but not entirely exhaustive list of ways you can support any of the three parts of the Starship Moonhawk continuum. Obviously, we still have the old donations page up, and we are not ashamed to give you sexy pinups for straight up donations. Every, single, dollar counts.