For those of you still skulking around this joint, I put back up the first 15 pages of Starship Moonhawk: “Made in the USA”. Page 16 never sat well with me, and was one of the huge reasons I stopped working on it… Jesus, almost 5 years ago. In the original script Jarod and Hind are talking about the impending arrival of the Moonhawk, and I always felt that Jarod was being a huge jerk to Hind in the first draft (well, re-draft) of the script. But the revision also got lost or something. Either way, it’s just as well, because while I am not opposed to fanservice in this series, the non sequiter boob jokes were getting a little bit old. Like that whole bit where Sakeela had to crawl through the vents wet and naked to get back to Macia in… ok, actually, that one was kinda funny. But we’re not doing that story this time around. XD

Anyway, the old pages are back, which means… something. As to what, I am not sure yet. But rest assured that when something *IS* worth reporting, it will be in this space.


Over and Out