Marshal Dillon MacKenzie Series

At last, folks, I have arisen from the ashes, returned seemingly from the grave! And my flair for the dramatic hasn’t suffered, either. Over the course of the last year, Jamie and I had been discussing setting up a new paysite, and thanks to the timely intervention of a good Internet friend, we have the means to finally open one. Now, ordinarily, I wouldn’t talk much about this on my “legitimate” websites, but this one is too good to pass up. Especially as it relates to Starship Moonhawk! Our new series follows Marshal MacKenzie and his sexy partner, Captain Cecilia Dodge as they dish out some frontier justice in the Osiris Region against bandits, escaped criminals and other wanted thugs just like his spiritual namesake, Marshal Matt Dillon did to Dodge City in Gunsmoke. Well, albeit with a sexy twist. 😉

See more about that and all the goings on at my new smut site, Frilly Pink! You won’t regret the decision. 😉