You all recall my old pal, Keith W., who draws Mysteries of the Arcana and for a time, The Lavenders, right? Well, coming VERY SOON, he will be drawing Starship Moonhawk again, and I will be coloring. We are trying to get Act III done ASAP so we can get it and the closing acts of this storyline completed, once and for all. It’s been a strange, 13-year journey with many missteps and a lot of high points, but I want to put this chapter of my life to rest. A large motivating factor for this is that an actual animated feature has never been more imminent, and I need to clear my creative slate so I can focus on it. Which means completing “The Fire and the Forge”, which is the basis for said film. so, watch this space, Cadets. the Moonhawk will be blasting its way back to your screens before you know it.