I’ve added or “fixed” another 9 pages. Feel free to check “The Mercadian Affair” storyline. I replaced those dastardly pages with the red X’s on them, two more of the missing Act III pages are up, and I color corrected the uniforms on the first two of Nekoshiei’s pages from Act IV. I’m going to have to wait for Marie to get the rest that I did not do because there are some special effects in the way. But otherwise, we’re on track!

Notes regarding the story:

-Rachael on the bridge in Act IV and V were once canon. But I changed the story so she goes with Cobalt. So until Marie fixes the colors, the redhead is actually a Middle-Eastern brunette named “Commander Sarah Izza”.
-At the end of Act III, Adm. Cobalt learns that his son Kraz is dead, but then he discovers Milea is his daughter. (hardly spoiler if you saw this before)
-The final fate of the Horizon is a mystery that will be revealed at the end of Act III. Sorry, no spoiler there. ;p