Naturally, folks are concerned. This is to be expected. I’ve never been terribly diligent about updating this thing on my own, but honestly, I’ve made greater progress “fixing” the storyline in the past year than I did in the past eight years since we debuted the comic format in 2002. So, here’s what’s going on. Basically, I am working on a gig that MIGHT pay me a little bit. But, I have to complete a “test” of sorts in order to actually get the job. It’s annoying to potentially do work on spec, but the contractual dealie on that is that I get the same royalties as the official artists for the books if we go to print. that’s not such a bad deal.

So, what does that mean for Starship Moonhawk and Co.? It means a little more waiting to continue with Act III, I’m afraid. My plan is to bang out this one-shot deal and then cool my heels for a week or so and work on Starship Moonhawk and Peppermint Saga again, while I wait and see if they give me more scripts to work on. If they do, it’s one more stepping stone to personal financial freedom because then I’ll have an actual “paid gig” under my belt. the faster I stop working my day job LEGITIMATELY, the faster I can start working for YOU, my devoted readers. Of course… anyone feeling generous can help speed things along a little with a buck or two in the ‘ol tip jar. Just saying. 😉 As for the proposed “return” here, we’re looking at or around May 1 for new stuff in this joint.

In the meantime, keep in mind that there *IS* related material updating here. Up in the “EXTRAS” section, there is random updates of “Surrender”, the horrific origin story of Ael Delenaria, as written by Kim Godwin, edited by yours truly, and illustrated by EviktedRei ( I tried coloring it initially, and it was killing me. Rei’s work is phenomenal. You really should check it out while it lasts… because there is a very strong possibility that this is the first and LAST comic she’ll ever make. And I really think it is something worth seeing. Even in pure b/w linework.