So, I doubt anyone reads this anymore, but I’ll leave this comment here anyway. “the Mercadian Affair” is… gone. I’m done fucking around with this particular story. None of the edits I wanted to make are making it any better, the art is inconsistent, and to make matters worse, few seem to like it all that much anyway. At least, the way it is currently presented. And y’know what? I don’t blame ’em. So, it’s history.

My plan is to get a book version of it out by the end of the year. But don’t hold your breath just yet. My publisher, Stonegarden.Net has gone tits up. they cease operations September 1. (so if you were planning on getting “The Admiral’s Daughter”, the book that is the prequel to the story “Maveen” on this site, do it now. Just look up Starship Moonhawk on Amazon.) So it looks like I’m going to have to hire an editor and crap out three new books sometime in the next 12 months. Yay…

I’m not currently updating any of my comics except “Ship in a Bottle”. The current artist is pretty amazing, so you might want to check it out. In the meantime, please check this space periodically. Who knows. I might surprise you.