Starship Moonhawk is a sci-fi series I created in 1991 while I was still in Junior High School. I began writing stories for it long before I had a formal concept written down. The original version was comprised of a series of disconnected “scenes” written by hand, on lined paper, in prose format. The only characters present were “Commodore Cobalt” and a trusted aide known as “Master Chief”. (I guess Microsoft owes me some royalties for Halo, but I digress. ;))

In 1994, as Star Trek: The Next Generation was coming to an end, I decided to make a formal push and wrote a three page “History of the Future” send up for the series. Here I developed the basis for the Star Alliance and described the reptilian Chotan for the first time. The backstory has changed quite a bit over time, but it’s still loosely based on that premise from sixteen years ago, and the Chotan are virtually identical.

In 1997, I began developing a mockup website with the help of a friend. Two years later, I finally took the bold step of putting it online. It was primitive and sucked. but it was a start. You can see some of the horror thanks to the Wayback Machine. No, I won’t link you to it. *laughs*

In 1999/2000, I published my first two e-Novles via Stonegarden Publishing (Now StoneGarden.Net Publishing): “The Dealth of Perseus” (1996, 1999; short story) and “How to Steal a Starship” (2000; e-Novel), and about a year later, I published the original prequel: “Inside Outsider” (2001; e-Novel; 2005, Paperback) and finally, “The Admiral’s Daughter” (2002; e-Novel / 2003; Hand-bound paperback). A draft was begun for a fifth novel (“Square Peg in a Round Hole” 2002-???), but was never completed.

In 2001, I started a 4-panel strip comic based on Starship Moonhawk called “Cat’s Cradle”. It was the first time anyone saw my vision of what the characters looked like. It was based on the pencil work I had done while unemployed in 2001. The graphic novel I hastily scribbled down in 2001 later became “The Mercadian Affair”. The only element that remains from the “1.0” edition is the death of Kraz. The rest of the story has changed.